Medical Staff

Benefit for all medical professionals

Not only doctors can be registered as medical providers at NobleDoc, if you are a nurse, a technician, a pharmacist, or any other medical professional and offer medical services to patients or doctors, then you may be registered as a medical provider too. Such an account may be very interesting for you, for example:

  • If you conduct tests or therapies for patients and need to communicate with the doctor of these patients to send test results or ask about further therapy.
  • If you want to communicate with other colleagues and consult experts when you face some difficulties in your practice.
  • If you are interested in reading or participating in medical research.
  • If you need to search for a job or shop for your practice and utilize our offer and job markets.
  • If you want to know about training courses in your country or in other countries to increase your knowledge or profit based on other users’ experience.


If you are such a person, then you would benefit from NobleDoc. If you want to use NobleDoc only as a reader or searcher, then we advise you to open a free non-approved account. If you want to communicate interactively with other users, then you will need to upgrade your non-approved account to an approved one. In this case, you will have an account with the same features as doctors’ accounts. Account types and fees for medical providers are the same as for doctors. For more details, please read our doctors’ page, or the provider guide.