NobleDoc is a unique network of medical service providers such as doctors, pharmacists, assistants, laboratory technicians as well as corporations like universities, hospitals, organizations, and companies. This network was designed and structured by a group of international doctors, and was implemented and managed by the German company noblemed GmbH.


Our aim is to put the world’s medicine – including the best knowledge, experience, service – into everyone’s hands, and to allow doctors to offer their patients the best treatment in record time at an affordable rate. And this is what we call noble treatment.


Our idea is simple but revolutionary. It is well known that two minds are better than one. This is exactly the strategy of NobleDoc, which is based on sharing treatment among doctors with different levels of experience in different fields in order to improve the treatment outcome. We allow providers of any medical service (e.g., doctors) to open one or more threads for the recipient of their service (e.g., the patient). They can then invite other medical providers (e.g., colleagues or experts) to share this thread and the patient’s data on this thread to serve the interests of the patient. In such a way, every doctor is able to make a special treatment team for his patient according to the required experience and specialization regardless of location.


For example, a Russian general practitioner may open a thread for his patient suffering from an advanced cancer, and add to it a treatment group consisting of a Russian general surgeon, a German plastic surgeon, a French homeopath, an American nephrologist, a Chinese physiotherapist, and a Russian radiologist. Such a big international team would never be able to work on the same patient as one team like in a hospital. But now they are able to use NobleDoc to communicate as one team in one hospital to share ideas and data about the same patient. Thereby, they can reach a consensus about the treatment plan. Such a big team has 24-hour access to the patient’s data and can discuss his case in a group regardless of their working hours. If they encounter an unexpected problem and need an expert, then they just invite one of the international experts to the thread, and he or she will have direct access to this thread and give the necessary advice to the team.


Not only do our innovative noble treatment make us unique but we have also structured our platform to cover the everyday requirements of any individual medical provider of a practice, a clinic, a university, or even a company. All of them can use our platform to publish or search medical articles, undertake further education, build research teams, find jobs or employees, buy or sell any medical objects and products, or even search international exhibitions or business partners and almost anything a medical provider could possibly need.


Why noble? We chose the name NobleDoc not by chance but because we understand that medical professions are jobs of noble people, whose first aim is helping patients. According to our concept, registered users are people who believe in doing everything possible for the health of their patients. They are ready to communicate with other colleagues, to share patients’ data with them online, to save patients’ time and money, to be sure of the diagnosis and treatment, to offer their patients a second opinion, or even to help the patients of other colleagues.


For whom is NobleDoc?

Patients: which is anybody receiving any treatment.

Doctors and medical providers: everyone who is officially authorized to provide any medical service for patients or doctors in their own locations.

Experts: which are medical providers with extensive experience in at least one medical field.

Corporations: these are institutes which offer services to medical providers including knowledge (e.g., universities, educational institutes), jobs (e.g., recruitment agencies), and products (e.g., medical producers and marketers).