Patients’ Dreams Come True

Isn’t your dream to have the best treatment with the best doctor at an affordable rate?

Such a dream usually requires very big efforts and cannot be offered even by the best international hospitals and clinics of the world in a professional way. This is because it is almost impossible to have many international experts in the same location, in the same city, or even in the same country. That’s why patients who are looking for the best quality treatment or who have special treatment requirements usually need to visit many locations in many countries searching for solutions to their problems. The location of these experts is not the only problem. Even if you undertake patient tourism in spite of the high traveling costs, you will still have the problem of connecting all your doctors together in order to make a perfect and consistent treatment plan and avoid misunderstandings and treatment failures. Usually, the patient is the medium of communication between the doctors. However, when they are in different locations, this may very easily lead to confusion for you as well as for your doctors. All this stress has become a thing of the past with NobleDoc. Now you can get the best treatment, with the best doctor, with the best coordination and with minimal effort.



Trust: You can trust your doctors because they are connected to international experts who can offer you their experience and knowledge if required. A noble doctor uses modern technologies and is up-to-date.

Clarity: Your doctors will be directly connected to each other; they coordinate your treatment and give you a summary of their coordination. For you, this means clarity in ‘who will do what when!’ No confusion or misunderstanding anymore.

Save time and expenses: NobleDoc brings medical expertise in record time and without travel expenses to you.

International support: If you go on vacation or a business trip and require health care support overseas, then it will be highly advantageous to have all your medical documents online, which you or your doctors saved in your profile on NobleDoc. No need to repeat medical tests or x-rays anymore. Get all your data with the click of a mouse.

Convenient communication: NobleDoc opens a new and easy method to search and communicate with good doctors in order to make an appointment or to ask questions.

Emergency care: Put our Medical Identification Card in your pocket and provide any doctor with access to your medical data, your treatment team, and even your loved ones, so that they can access all the information they need. Such access may even save your life in an emergency or accident when you are unresponsive.


Account Types
NobleDoc offers patients the following account types with different functions:

1) Non-approved Patient
This is a free basic account, with which you can save your own medical data and files and print your Medical Identification Card. You may search for members at NobleDoc and read our patients’ articles. But as a non-approved patient, you will not be able to communicate interactively with the doctors or exchange any information or documents with them. If you are interested in interactive communication with your doctors, then you will need to upgrade your account to an approved account.

2) Approved Patient:
If you are interested in a fully-functioning patient’s account including:
1) building your own Doctors List and communicating with your doctors and other medical providers online and exchanging data with them through NobleDoc,
2) allowing doctors to send your medical files without logging into your account, then you will need to upgrade your account to an approved one.


Pre-activated patient account
In order to allow doctors and hospitals or other medical providers to optimize their medical services for their patients, we offer them pre-activated and approved patient accounts in packages for their own patients. These accounts are free for patients as long as the medical provider pays the annual fee for the whole package.



If you are ready to join us, then see our patient guide for instructions or join us now.