Experience makes the difference

While simple cases are solved by a normal doctor, some difficult or sensitive cases need high levels of experience. We do our best to provide experts in all specializations and for all diseases. You may join our expert community if you fulfill the following minimal conditions:

  • You have an approved medical provider account.
  • You have at least 15 years post-graduate experience in the focus field.
  • You have given literature in the focus field at an educational institute like a university or medical organization for more than five years.
  • You have published at least five research studies in the focus field, or participated as a lecturer in at least five conferences.
  • We are interested in your expertise.
  • You are ready to help other users, and to answer at least three colleagues every three months. If you are not active for a long period or don’t answer other colleagues’ requests, your account may be downgraded to medical provider.

Every expert needs to fulfill the previous points except:

a) Experts who have already been approved and invited by us,
b) Medical directors and chief doctors of university clinics,
c) Experts of a focus field in which it is not possible to fulfill the conditions.


Your advantages as an expert

  • You have a flat-rate account to the value of €1.000 for free.
  • You are our partner in treating overseas patients in your focus field.
  • You are our partner for expert partnership with other hospitals (see hospitals’ page).
  • You are able to use our market knowledge, offers, and jobs to publish your articles, announce training courses, or reach more colleagues for cooperation in your research. You will have a perfect network to develop medicine and expand your mind.
  • As an expert, you will be connected to doctors alone not to patients, so that you help other doctors on how to treat patients. Our strategy is that experts help doctors to help patients.
  • You may use our threads to conduct international research with your team.


How it works?
If you receive a personal invitation by NobleDoc to join our expert network, then you will get the necessary instructions in the invitation letter.

If you are interested in joining our expert community, then follow these steps:

  • Check the conditions for joining our expert community. If you fulfill all conditions, you can request the upgrade to an expert account on your profile.
  • Register on the medical provider page and have your account approved.
  • Request the Upgrade on your profile.
  • During the upgrade procedure, you will be asked to list your qualifications, experience, publications, and awards, as well as to upload the documents that prove your qualifications and experience.
  • If you don’t fulfill the conditions, you must have one of the mentioned exceptions. Please tell us your exception in any of the upgrade fields while filling out the upgrade form.
  • We study your request and verify your documents. It takes four weeks to contact you or confirm your account.
  • If we see that you fulfill all requirements, then we confirm your upgrade and you receive a confirmation email.
  • If we cannot verify your documents or if you don’t fulfill all conditions, and have no exception, then we may request a qualification test. Such a test could be an interview or even a visit from our team to your practice.
  • Directly after upgrading to expert, you will appear under our experts’ community and will be able to enjoy your account for free. You are kindly asked to answer at least three of your colleagues’ threads every three months to offer them the minimum of help and hold your position as a noble expert.