Be connected also as corporation!

We offer corporations, such as organizations, companies, and universities, an alternative marketing and communications method, for the purpose of announcing and promoting products and services, publishing news, searching for employees and teams, and even organizing research studies.



Better service, less effort

Our new marketing strategy is very simple, and it’s more effective, more eco-friendly and more supportive in comparison to conventional marketing. The following points summarize our innovative marketing concept:

  • We integrate all medical professionals into one platform, and we connect them with their colleagues and patients and offer them services to support their everyday practices.
  • Corporations can register with us, have public profiles, publish their brochures, and be searchable by our members and patients.
  • Our platform includes different areas for announcing products, projects, exhibitions, and jobs. These announcements will only be seen by users in the same country that the company is registered.


Our pioneering method brings corporations many advantages, such as



  • With us, you market only to potential customers: you direct your announcement to the professions you choose, which is better than social networks, search engines, or even medical newspapers where you pay much more and, ultimately, reach many people who have no interest in your product.
  • You reach many professions with one announcement.
  • You perform your market research online, and save much effort and cost by knowing your coexisting offers.
  • Whatever your target profession is, you have the same account for marketing your products. Only one person is needed to make all of your offers. It is easy and flexible.


Low cost and eco-friendliness

  • Save on printing and postage costs. Use your money to help us replace wasteful traditional marketing with customer- and eco-friendly strategies.
  • Save on marketing costs: pay just one time for flat-rate account, and make announcements as frequently as you want.


For the benefit of patients

We help corporations reduce marketing costs, so they are able to make bigger offers and reduce prices for doctors and patients. That’s why we believe that such a marketing strategy can be a Noble one.


How does it work?

  • Register on the medical provider page as a non-approved user.
  • Go to your profile, and upgrade your account to a corporation user.
  • Fill out the upgrade form. Here, you may upload the corporation’s brochure, as well as the necessary documents to prove that you are a real person and approved to open an account for the corporation. These documents help us to keep NobleDoc a trustworthy website for patients and doctors.
  • We approve your request and confirm your account, or contact you if we need further information.
  • After we authorize your new account, you will get a confirmation email with instructions for how to pay the account fees via PayPal.
  • If you are interested in another payment method, or if you are in the European Union and need a bill without VAT, please contact us through the support form on your account with details. We will send you the correct bill, and activate your account directly after payment.





Fees + 19% VAT


Non-approved provider account



Approved corporation account for private users



Input in the rubric Knowledge



Announcement in the rubrics Jobs


Per announcement after finishing the free announcements

Announcement in the rubrics offers



Flat-rate account for educational institutes and universities



Flat-rate account for corporations with staff till 5 employees



Flat-rate account for corporations with staff till 20 employees



Flat-rate account for corporations with staff till 100 employees



Flat-rate account for corporations with staff more than 100 employees