Stand out of the crowd

We advise all clinics and hospitals to have a corporation account with us, as well as to encourage their teams to join NobleDoc as doctors, experts, or medical staff in order to be up-to-date and enjoy the other services on our platform. NobleDoc will make your medical service perfect.


Bringing international expertise to you

NobleDoc can be very useful for clinics and hospitals. It optimizes their services and treatment quality and connects their teams with international colleagues and experts. Imagine being able to offer American or European consultation and treatment quality in your hospital in Dubai or Moscow. If you believe in high quality, then let us connect your staff online with suitable staff in the desired country.


Noble partnership!

Many international clinics and hospitals invite famous experts to visit them to educate their teams or to treat some patients. Organizing such an event usually requires much effort and money, yet it only helps you for a short duration. But imagine if you could always work with such experts online for less cost and let them take part in the treatment of your patients all year round, and control the quality or assist your team especially in tough cases. What would you think if your doctors could learn from these experts so that they have a continuous training program? And all for costs that are paid by patients interested in high quality treatment, not by you. It would be a win-win offer for you and your patients.

NobleDoc can organize a suitable partner with more experienced colleagues from the same country or from another country for your hospital or clinic. This may increase your service, assist your staff, and help to monitor your patients online. This is very useful, especially for hospitals that take care of patients with special requirements or difficult diseases, which need the cooperation of big teams. In such cases, the treatment can be divided between the two partners, and the patient will get the best coordination and service through NobleDoc. Your patient will have a perfect treatment organization and treatment plan. This will make you unique; your patients will value your service.


Two levels of partnership

According to the type of your patients, we may organize one of the following partnerships for your practice, clinic, or hospital:

1) Standard partnership:
In this case, we connect you with medical providers from the country you select. For example, if you have a clinic in Dubai or Moscow, and are interested in German treatment quality, then we may seek a partner clinic in Germany, and connect your team with this partner through NobleDoc. For your staff and your partner’s staff, we open accounts according to your requirements. Every specialist will be connected through their account to the partner specialist. We can connect your physicians to the partner’s physicians, your nurses to their nurses, your technicians to their technicians, your laborotorists to this laborotorists, etc. You will be able to treat patients together. They may support your team, continue the treatment of your patients abroad, or train your staff.


2) Expert partnership: In this case, we connect your staff with experts and with the staff of the partner from the country you select.


Show your patients how modern you are

You believe you have a modern clinic? Then let your patients be connected to you through a modern technology, so that they believe that you are really different.
You can connect your patients with your team online using our pre-activated accounts. This helps them communicate with you and your colleagues in a very easy and modern manner.
This may have the following advantages for you:

  • You show your patients that you use modern technologies in your hospital.
  • You support your patients on an international basis and provide them with all medical documents and reports online. It is very helpful for the patients you treat with your colleagues.
  • You can organize patients’ treatment and appointments easily and online, instead of using conventional phone calls or emails.
  • For more information and advantages, please see the patients’ page.

If you are ready to join us, then see our medical provider guide for instructions or join us now.