Optimize your practice!

Do you believe that your patients deserve the best treatment and you offer it to them? It is known that medicine is too big to be offered perfectly by one person. Each patient usually needs several specialists to get the right treatment and even the cooperation of a few experts to get the best treatment. But how can such a big team in different locations work together for the benefit of your patient? It is very difficult and unaffordable to do this using a conventional method. NobleDoc makes it easy for you.

With us, you can share treatment with other colleagues and experts according to the requirements of the case. You can open one or more threads for each patient. Each thread can be shared with one or more colleagues in order to communicate with them freely and send them tests, x-rays, or reports. And everything is well documented and safe. If necessary, invite international experts to these threads and get their thoughts on the case. Add other medical staff like therapists, your labs, your nurse, or any other person registered at NobleDoc who is taking part in this treatment and needs to know this information. All this can happen in a few minutes at NobleDoc, which was just a dream earlier.



Second mind:
You will be able to help your patients gain second opinions, instead of sending them elsewhere searching for satisfying solutions on the Internet or going from doctor to doctor. Your patients will trust you more and believe in your treatment quality.


Worldwide expertise in your pocket:
Our network brings the experience and knowledge of the world to you, and takes your knowledge and experience to the world. You will always see new cases and enjoy the noble treatment with your colleagues.


Offer international support:

You will be able to support your patients internationally. Wherever they go, you can easily continue supporting them with advice or documents. You can easily communicate with their other international doctors. This is a big advantage for travelers; they will be proud of you and value your international care.


Modern communication:
With our convenient and flexible communication system you won’t need to answer calls from colleagues during working hours and you won’t have to continuously call them when they are busy. You don’t need to wait for their letters or poor quality faxes. You will be able to communicate with them on the patient’s thread online without costs and enjoy team treatment.


Easier management:
You will have access to a large medical market with offers from many companies in your country. Furthermore, you will be able to announce jobs, publish and read medical articles, manage or participate in research projects, learn about international training courses, and much more.


Help more patients:
If you are able to help others in your field, you will be our partner in the noble partnership. For more information, read the hospital page.


Account types and instructions

As a doctor, you are able to have one of the following accounts at NobleDoc:


1) Non-approved Provider:
This account is a free unlimited account and the first step in NobleDoc’s world for all providers of medical services. It is also suitable for doctors who want to use our platform only to consult with our experts and read the publications, offers, and announcements of other users. Non-approved providers are not able to provide noble treatment with their colleagues or communicate interactively with them, they will not have any public profile, and will not be seen as users of NobleDoc until they upgrade their profile to approved provider.

2) Approved Provider:
To ensure the quality and trustworthiness of NobleDoc, we must approve doctors and medical providers before allowing them to appear on our platform and communicate interactively with other users. After free registration as a non-approved provider, you may upgrade your account to an approved provider to enjoy the following additional features:

  • A public profile that is searchable by patients seeking noble treatment,
  • The ability to invite and receive invitations from colleagues registered on the website to share treatment plans with them,
  • The ability to open treatment threads for your own patients and share an unlimited number of treatment threads with other colleagues for free, if necessary inviting experts to these threads,
  • The ability to input and read the posts of other members like information about products, research, conferences, exhibitions, business ideas, job announcements, courses, other events, and much more.


How does noble treatment work?

Noble treatment itself is not a new treatment, but a new method of treating your patients by combining your own experience with the experience of your colleagues, and if necessary, experts to achieve the best results with minimal effort. Such a treatment method improves treatment outcomes, reduces treatment mistakes, and increases the experience of all parties by sharing knowledge and expertise about patients. It is a unique communication and data exchange method between doctors and other medical staff.


Other features

NobleDoc not only allows you to treat patients but also to share knowledge, offers, and job announcements with other users. As an approved user, you will be able to publish and read input in the different parts of NobleDoc. Every three months, you will have a certain amount of free input (1-3 in the different rubrics). If you need more input, you need to purchase it. Input in the rubric Knowledge is always free of charge, but only medical articles or announcements for events and training courses are allowed to be posted there.


Flat-rate account

You can arrange a flat-rate feature on your account if you want to use it without paying every time for paid services (like adding experts and posting in the rubric Jobs and Offers). This flat-rate is our solution:

  • If you are located in the European Union and want to use your account for commercial use and don’t want to pay taxes. In this case, we may send you a bill via email without taxes.
  • If you often need to use paid services, or have many patients, and need to treat them with special experts.
  • If you are interested in our partnership program, then you will need a flat-rate account for you and your partner.


Upgrade to expert

If you have extensive experience in a special field of medicine and believe that many people may need your experience, and you fulfill all the requirements for an expert account (as outlined on the experts’ page), then you are welcome to join our expert group. But please note that experts can only communicate with medical providers, not with patients directly. If you have your own patients on your provider account, we suggest opening a new account as an expert to separate your work as a doctor and as an expert. The fees for upgrading to an expert account depend on many factors and are estimated in each case individually according to the costs of verifying expertise and the interest of NobleDoc in the expert. For more information see please our experts page.


Pre-activated patient account packages

If you believe in modern and high quality practice, and wish to allow some or all of your patients to communicate with you as well as with your colleagues online, then you may provide them with pre-activated user accounts. In this case, NobleDoc will email you an access data table of pre-activated accounts. All you need to do is send these data to your patients in the format you prefer (e.g. printed on corporate postcards or sent via email).

If you are ready to join us, then see our medical provider guide for instructions or join us now.